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Attention: All competitors must purchase a Competitor Pass (or hold a CT Salsa Fest Performer Pass) to be eligible to participate. The Competitor Pass also gives you access to the CT Salsa Fest performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and access to all social dancing.

Late or on-site registration may be subject to a$10 late fee per entry.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or combine categories for any division with less than 3 entries.

Competitors must adhere to the definitions and choose their status (Amateur or Professional) and are not permitted to change status from one entry to another.

  1. Partnerships in all Showcase Divisions will be designated as one male and one female partner unless specifically designated as a same gender division.

  2. Time for Showcases All Showcase Routines (ProAm, Amateur or Professional) should be no less than 1.5 minutes and no more than 2.5 minutes long. This includes optional entrance and/or exit music. These time limits apply for all Showcase routines in all styles of dance. Couples will have no more than 20 seconds to get into place for performance. Any choreography prior to the beginning of the music will be counted toward the overall timing of the performance. Likewise, dancers will have a maximum of 20 seconds at the conclusion of the performance to exit the floor.

  3. Props are not allowed.

  4. Cabaret Division: This is an Open Division, meaning all styles of Salsa are accepted. Tricks are allowed. Couples can choose to dance either On1 or On2, but must maintain consistent to that timing for the duration of the routine. Recognized timing for this competition is 1-2-3, 5-6-7. Routines must be 50% recognizable salsa. The remaining 50% can be made up of tricks, flares, dips and side by sides (shines).

  5. "On1" & "On2" and Classic Showcase Divisions: One foot must remain on the floor at all times even during tricks. If both feet of either partner leave the floor via the assistance of the other partner, it will be considered a lift and there will be a 10% deduction from the final score. A maximum of 3 tricks/dips or flares are permitted for the routine. A maximum of 4 bars/16 Beats/2 counts of 8 are allowed for continuous turns. More than this will result in a penalty of 10% off off the final score. All Music for Classic style divisions must be a minimum of 80% recognizable music for that style of dance.

  6. Team Divisions: May utilize actual lifts and overheads. The same rules apply to this division as the Cabaret Division. Routines must be 50% Salsa Dancing.

  7. Music Format: Music for all Showcase Performances to be supplied in CD format. Music will be submitted and competition line up order to be drawn at the competitors meeting. Please see our Information page regarding music by clicking on Music CD Guidelines as written above.

  8. Tricks, Dips, Drops, Leverage Moves and Flares: A trick is defined as any movement that requires the support of the other partner to maintain. This is regardless of whether the feet remain on the floor or not.

  9. Continuous/Multiple Turns: Contestants are allowed a maximum of 8 Bars/32 Beats/4 Counts of 8 are allowed for continuous turns. More than this will result in a penalty of 10% off the final score.

  10. Costumes: Costumes are not required, but are highly recommended. All costumes should be in good taste with all private parts covered by non-transparent material.