Mandatory Requirements
  1. Thank You!: We really thank you for coming to our World Salsa Summit in Miami and we appreciate your dedication and cooperation in organizing your music CDs so we can provide you with a flawless and smooth flow of competitions without any delays so you can relax and enjoy your competition experience with us to the fullest possible.

  2. CD Rejection: Your music CD will be rejected if you do not strictly follow this requirements.

  3. CD Label: Your CD must be white ONLY. If it is of silver or any other color please apply a clean white CD label on it. You can not provide a CD with your dance company logo on it or any other design or anything that is not ABSOLUTELY clean white.

  4. Writing on CD: Please use a fine black marker when writing on your CD. Do not use a non-fine marker. Do not use a pen or pencil, we accept fine marker only. Do not use blue, red color or any other marker color.

  5. One-Song Only: You can not have more than one song per CD. If we find more than one song in the CD we will not ask you or check ourselves if track #1 is supposed to be played. We will automatically disregard any other music track except #1. If it is not the correct song you risk missing on your competition because you might not have enough time to provide us the correct music and the competition will not be stopped or postponed; once your category has ended your chances of competiting in such category will have ended.

  6. Repeating Song: If you are using the exact same song for more than one category you MUST supply one CD for each category EVEN if that song is used the same day. You can not ask us to use the same song for more than one category nor can you ask for your CD to be returned so you can use it for the next day competition.

  7. No Returns: Your CD will not be returned to you. Please do not ask to have it back.

  8. What To Write: The CD writing should contain the following and nothing else:

    I - Competition Category: Please write the competition category EXACTLY as it appears on World Salsa Summit's paperwork in English language. Do not use shortcuts, abbreviations and please do not translate the category name from English to your native language.

    II - Competitor Number: Your competitor number must be on all your music CDs. No exceptions. This competitor number will be given to you once you arrive at our Summit in person and it is the same number that you will attach to your costume and the same number the judges will use to mark your scores.

    III - Competitor Name: Please write the First and Last name. If you are competiting in a solo category then it should be just one First and Last Name. If you are competing as a couple then we need the First and Last name of BOTH individuals. If you are entering a group category please DO NOT include any individual's name; you should only use the Team's name. Lastly, please disregard your middle names.

    IV - CD Burning Format: We GREATLY appreciate if you write the CD burning format used for your CD. The 2 options are "Music CD" or "MP3 CD". We require "Music CD" format but we understand that many people really do not know how to choose between each option. If you know, please use the required format and write it on your CD. Thank you very much!.

  9. CD Burning Format: One of the most common confusions when burning a CD nowadays is whether you should burn a "music CD" or a "MP3 CD".
    Please try really hard to understand this and submit a "Music CD" format. It doesn't matter whether you use a Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computer.

  10. Triple-check: Please, triple-check all your CDs and do not use a computer, DVD player, Blue-ray player, Xbox, Nintendo or any device that is not a regular CD player to check them. Kindly use a regular CD player only, use a device that will ONLY play a regular Music CD and play your song entirely from beginning to end.

  11. Avoid Scratched CDs: CDs made to be burned at home get scratched very easily. Burn a set of CDs that will be used explicitly for the World Salsa Summit only and insert them into a secure case or sleeve that has a clear window so we can read the CD label without having to remove your CD from its original case.