Junior teams.
All Juniors (under 18)

Large teams, Small teams. See individual Showcase option for specifics.

Salsa Shines Showcase. Minimum of 3 people. Routine length should be no less than 1.5 minutes and no more than 2.5 minutes long. This includes optional entrace and/or exit music.
-Male or Female
-Mixed Gender. Can be any percentage of women and men. Can be any percentage of Amateur and Professional dancers.

Salsa Showcase. All styles of Salsa are accepted. Tricks are allowed. May utilize actual lifts and overheads. Team can choose to dance either On 1 or On 2 but must maintain consistent to that timing for the duration of the routine. Recognized timing for this competition is 1-2-3/5-6-7. Routines must be 50% recognizable Salsa. The remaining 50% can be made up of tricks, dips and side by sides (shines). Routine length minimum 1.5 to maximum 2.5 minutes including optional entrance and/or exit music.

-Bachata Team Showcase. This division is open to any size team. A team is considered to be a minimum of 2 couples. Same as above but with respect to Bachata.

Team Showcase. Same as above but with respect to Samba.